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Welcome to the Schedule Builder. This is the Select Courses region. To use this software, follow the steps described below. First add courses to the list of courses. This will cause the Results region to show you a list of possible schedules.

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Choose a term.

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Select your desired course locations.

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Begin typing a course code or name that you would like to take.

Example: CHEM 1A03, or ARTHIST 2T03
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Select your desired course locations.
Begin typing a course code or name that you would like to take.Down arrow for step instructions

Example: CHEM 1A03, or ARTHIST 2T03
You cannot manually select courses because you must follow the assigned recommendation.
You cannot manually select courses but you can import them from your Course Queue which you can fill in your My Academic Requirements
Note that this student acting alone can only select courses from their Academic Requirements by importing them via the Course Queue
Schedule Builder is currently being piloted for only specific users. However, we anticipate this new tool will be available to you sometime in the future.

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The generated schedule results are truncated because the input is too broad. To ensure all results are considered, pin down or toggle off some of your preferred classes.
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MY TIMETABLE is a self-service tool that enables you to generate your schedule conflict free and enrol you directly into Mosaic. To learn about this tool please go to

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